The tutoring process can be accomplished in 4 different ways:

  1. A personal instructional session in my studio, - two hour minimum.

  2. Day-long sessions

  3. Submitting two 8” x 10” glossy photographs of two different artworks through the mail

  4. Submitting through email

  5. Zoom meeting


1. Personal Session at my studio

You would bring in two works that either you've completed, or you're working on, and I’ll  critique the work, pointing out areas that you are doing well with, or need to improve on, and critical problem areas that you may be uneducated about and are necessary for improvement in your work - along with the reasons why, and the procedures to do so. 

Once you’ve set up a time and date for your appointment, send images of those two works (mentioned above) via email  (460 pixels, at 4" x 6"), or by mail, along with a statement of what you want to learn (be specific) so I can prepare instructional handouts for you ahead of time. This will make your tutoring visit more efficient. 

During the tutoring session,  I may demonstrate corrections on your actual work (with your permission) and/or demonstrate on another surface. Don't expect to set up and work during this two-hour session because this will reduce my educational input to you and waste your time and money. With all the input that I will give you during the session, I expect you to go home and work on the problem areas as directed. When you need another tutoring session, contact me again.


Fee is $25.for the first hour, $25. for each additional hour. Longer sessions are possible.

2. Day-long sessions

This is similar to above requiring you to send example photos of the subject you would be working on under my tutorage but allows you to set up and actually work on a composition of your choice. In this way, I can see and coach the way you actually work right from the beginning, through the development of the work, -  and should be able to correct deficiencies as they happen.

Six hours instruction daily minimum (9:00 - 12:00, 1:00 - 4:00) - $125 a day


​3. Through the mail
In this procedure, send  8" x 10" glossy photographs of two of your artworks, a SASE return envelope, a description of what your technical goals were with each photograph, and/or what you specifically want help with , or what specific areas to focus on, and a check for $50. I will return a detailed description of what needs to be improved on, procedures to do so, along with pertinent instructional material.

​4. Through e-mail
Time spent on critiquing, preparing and/or finding pertinent data on requested topic(s) is billed at  $25. per hour, or fraction there of. Information and directions for improvement is then sent back to client for their response, and revision to their current artwork. 

5. Zoom meeting

First, download the Zoom app on your computer.  Next, send me an email image(s) before the Zoom meeting so that I can evaluate and critique your image(s) and prepare all the instructional material that I will review during the meeting, and email these copies to you at the conclusion of the meeting. I will then send you an invitation to join me in a Zoom meeting. We will be able see you and your artwork on the desktop, and hear each other communicating back and forth during the meeting where I will point out and clarify what needs to be improved upon. The fee is $35. based on the total time before and during the 40 minute meeting. 

If you have any specific questions regarding the above, contact me at 616-677-1765, or email larryjblovits@gmail.com