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Oil painting restoration

Oil painting cleaning; restoration, and revarnishing are services that I offer. Paintings are examined and photographically documented before cleaning to estimate the time necessary to complete the task. The picture is also photographed during the cleaning and restoration process to show the client the progress being made. Once the cleaning is completed, the painting is examined for possible retouching and repair of the painting surface. After completion, the painting is revarnished. The restoration fee is $50/hour plus any unseen cost for materials to complete the job. 

I also clean and restore Fine Art prints. 

- oil on canvas

Uncleaned condition - oil on canvas

First cleaning

Final cleaning and restoration

- Fine Art Print on masonite

Fine Art Print on Masonrite - original.jpeg

First cleaning - Fine art ink print on masonite 

Fine Art Print on Masonrite - restored.jpeg

Final oil restoration of Fine Art ink print

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