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Jacob and Lee Nyenhuis

commissioned oil


Larry Blovits has amassed a national reputation for excellence in painting oil and pastel portraits, landscapes, - and teaching. Receiving numerous awards and honors in national shows ever since 1962, Larry has also achieved signature status in many prestigious national art organizations around the country. New York City's Pastel Society of America bestowed the honor of "Master Pastelist" on Larry in 1996.

"Educated with a BFA and an MFA at Wayne State University (Detroit) in the 60s, my first love has always been to paint the human figure and the ever-changing landscape in a traditional manner. During my 26 years as an Art Professor at Aquinas College, I sharpened my artistic and teaching skills and reinforced my aesthetic beliefs. Teaching workshops since the mid-seventies, I've continued to strengthen my facility and beliefs and preached the same to my wonderful students throughout the country.

As a frequent traveler around the country and abroad, I'm constantly on the alert for new subject matter, ideas, and visual stimuli that may contain resources for my future artworks. The paintings and drawings derived from my experiences reflect my personal views and journey through life.

The primary goal of my artwork has always been to go beyond the important technical and fundamental aspects of painting in my quest to capture the essence of the scene or the individual. With homage to the Great Masters, I continue to emulate and carry on the tradition of "academic" painting because that is what I want, and love to do. This is my art scene. I hope you share in my quest for aesthetic beauty"

Larry Blovits is also currently represented at the following locations:

 Blovits studio/gallery, 1835 Luce St. SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

 cell phone 1-616-734-7751



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